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How to Sell a Jared Rouleau

Recently I’ve been working on a marketing plan.  You might be wondering what company I’m writing the plan for. Well, the answer is: myself. 

The plan is titled, “How to Sell a Jared Rouleau.”

I’ve beefed up my resume, cleaned up my profiles on various networking sites, and I keep my finger on the pulse of the job market in my region… which is good, right? Of course it is, the only problem is that there are hundreds of thousands of people doing the same thing.

What distinguishes me from my competition? Well, that’s what I’m hoping to find out. 

Recently I had an insightful conversation with an acquantaince of mine, a self-employed businessman, who recommended I work on a marketing plan for myself. It made sense when he said it and it makes sense now that I’ve started in on it-

Worst case scenario: I get practice working on a marketing plan

Best case scenario: I find an industrial niche where my skillset is needed, I find a way to market myself differently and more succesfully than the competion, and I utilize all my job-hunting resources to the max. 

I have been out of school now for a few years and have been working in marketing ever since. Faced with having to find a new job in order to continue my adventures as a marketing professional, I realized that I have to work with an economic equation that isn’t pretty:

With the answer to the equation in mind, I turn to my marketing plan in hopes of gaining insight during a period where scatter-shot job hunting simply isn’t working (I have proof). So, with an eye on local job boards and an ever-tweaking of my resume, I’ve started my journey down side-streets looking for a new corner to set up my fruit stand.