Expansion Fever

One of my many hobbies is gaming (board games, console games, video games… you name it). One thing most games have in common is their desperate need to expand beyond their original scope at the first sign of economic success (the game sells well and shortly after the initial release comes a part two and then a part three…. kind of like bad sequels).

Sometimes an expansion is well-done and properly thought out (for movies, think the Kill Bill series or Star Wars IV, V, and VI). Most of the time, the expansion over-complicates the game and does not add any real value (what is a product or service if it adds no value? It’s meaningless and a money-grab… most consumers will recognize this for what it is).

Know of any games with a strong brand legacy? Think Blizzard.  Blizzard is well-known for delaying or even cancelling games/expansions that are near-complete because they do not live up to the quality customers have come to expect from them.

This is not a profound idea. By protecting the integrity of a brand you then become a far more powerful organization. Unfortunately, this requires the buy-in of not only Marketing, but development and the entire Executive Committee. Everyone needs to work together to prevent the cheapening of the brand.

Otherwise, you might end up broke.


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